Kristina Leath-Malin is a filmmaker, scholar, screenwriter, and digital artist from Detroit MI, living in Brooklyn NY.

As a theater and opera performer turned filmmaker who worked in the World Trade Center Tower 1 on the 107th floor till September 11, 2001, she saw those events as a turning point and has since dedicated her life to her craft.

Post 9/11, she traveled through Europe with a vocal performance group and landed in Paris, where she began writing.  Scripting and having ideas inspired her to return to graduate school, after making several short films and wanting to truly understand the mechanics of meaning in cinema. She completed two masters degrees in Media Arts  at Long Island University Brooklyn Campus. Her first thesis would begin to frame her cinematic journey as she investigated the  history of women in French Horror from Grand Guignol and the Marquis De Sade to the French New Wave Extremity with such films as Martyrs and Haute Tension. This work would culminate with the thesis paper turned book  OBJECTIFICATION REPACKAGED: THE WOMEN OF 21ST CENTURY FRENCH HORROR. She continued her feminist scholarship by bringing it home to the States with a personal look at Black Women in American Horror. This project would later go on to be a documentary short and web/podcast series and internet database:  MY FINAL GIRL: THE BLACK WOMEN IN AMERICAN HORROR.

Her scholarship and scripting has a continued focus on the feminine narrative in all it’s aspects from race to sexual orientations to culture and agism in an attempt to challenge patriarchal history of the cinematic narrative. She is a strong supporter and follower of other scholarship on WOMEN and their role in the framing of gender constructs. Writers such as Bell Hooks, Laura Mulvey, Carol Clover, Robin Means-Colman, Isabel Pinedo, Theresa De Lauretis, Angela Davis, Simone De Beauvoir, Julia Kristeva, Judith Butler, Barbara Creed, Linda Williams and many more inspire her work.

As a screenwriter Kristina has continued to tell female focused stories. She has written for both stage and screen. Most recently, she has begun workshopping a play on Alice B. Russell  (Wife of Oscar Micheaux and one of the first Black Female Producers in America) “The Business of Love” with Theater  for the New City and the Estrogenious festivals as well as currently showing her Stephen King short film “One For the Road” (90% Women Crewed and Cast) She is honored to have had the opportunity to screen her Stephen King “Dollar Baby” at Female Eye and Ax Wound feminist film festivals.


Additionally, she remotely mentors graduate students within the Raindance Film Festival’s MA Graduate Program accredited by Straffordshire University in London England,  is a Horror Podcaster with The Script (NY Screenwriters Collective) *My POV specifically, moderates new work with NY Screenwriter’s Co-op and manages Brooklyn Screenwriters Collective site on Facebook.

Her feminist film reviews and thoughts can be found at KLMBrooklyn.com

Her next project will be a deep dive into the mythology of Lillith, the first woman to say “No” and challenge a man…the first wife of Adam.